For Americans. By Americans.

At Farm to Finery, we continue to see a revitalized resurgence of manufacturing here in the United States. More and more people these days want clothing, home goods, and hand-made accessories that come from high-quality natural fibers; grown and produced domestically within our borders.

We take great pride in that, and we want to give it to them!

Our company has always been drawn to the farming aspect behind natural clothing production, and takes time to personally visit ranches, yarn houses, dye houses, and weavers in two very different parts of the U.S. to ensure the very best in all that we do. The raising of Alpacas brought us to this point, and now we are working together with suppliers from all over the country in order to offer natural goods that are American-grown, American-sourced, and American-Made.

Farm to Finery’s mission is simple: source and obtain fibers domestically for all our customers, aid in the production and promotion of home-grown goods, and show everyone that “Made in America” still means something. From Alpaca, Angora, Mohair, yak, and bison wool to cashmere, and cellulose fibers like hemp, cotton, bamboo, we want all our valued clients to find out exactly what we can do through our products.

For more information about our company, our domestic suppliers, or to place an order with us, please don’t hesitate to contact Farm to Finery at 505-239-5432.