The Many Links in the Manufacturing Chain

Manufacturing in America is growing strong again. Many people, from the farmers and weavers who work with natural fibers we love to our valued customers, see the high-quality goods made right here in the States as an asset not only to their wardrobes but also to our economy. They want to produce these goods, and buy them, to make a difference in our nation from the inside out.

At Farm Finery, we’re here to promote that process and help in any way we can!

The Way It Works:
When we working with natural fibers, and sell products from our key suppliers, there are many steps before the clothes and accessories are delivered to your door. First, we visit the locations to make sure the fibers and operations are all natural and home-grown. From there, the U.S.-based production – the cultivation of fibers, cleaning, spinning, weaving, or knitting - is done primarily on the East Coast from Maine to North Carolina. After everything is completed, Farm to Finery promotes all of our local products, artisans, and operations through sales, education, and our true grass roots movement toward making American items and manufacturing great again.

Who Is Involved:
Farm to Finery works with small and medium-sized operations from all over the country. If they work with natural fibers, and promote the advancement of manufacturing here in the US, chances are, we have heard of them. Our organization helps American farmers, artisans, and cottage industries get and sustain employment opportunities and fills the huge need from home-grown goods that is emerging all over our country.

Some of the top names we work with include:

  • Imperial Stock Ranch
  • New England Alpaca Fiber Pool
  • And others…

For more information about the manufacturers we work with, or to place an order with us, please don’t hesitate to contact Farm to Finery at 505-239-5432.