Where It All Comes From

Farm to Finery isn’t just about providing all-natural, domestic clothes, home goods, and accessories. We’re about transparency, domestic production, and truth. Our company wants you to know exactly where your purchased products come from – right down to the fibers. And that’s exactly what we do!

From the dye houses of the East Coast to the small farms of the West, every product we sell has an origin here in the U.S. Farm to Finery always makes sure to tap more and more of them for their skills and expertise as we continue production and sales. We want customers to know about them, come to trust them, and to use them for all the things they can offer, every day.

Some of the many names among our most esteemed list of sources include:

  • Kraemer (Pennsylvania)
  • Saco River Dye House (Maine)
  • G. J. Littlewood & Son Inc. Dyers (Pennsylvania)
  • Jagger Brothers Spinning (Maine)
  • New Era Fiber (Tennessee)
  • American Woolen Company (Connecticut)
  • Myrrhia Knitwear (California)
  • And more…

For the Troops. For Us All:

According to the Berry Amendment, the uniforms for the Military MUST be made here in the United States. The fibers have to be harvested here, spun here, and dyed here – no exceptions. Many 4th and 5th generation millers, weavers, dye and yarn houses have been working with the Department of Defense (DoD) for years.

But now that the major conflicts in the Middle East – namely Iraq and Afghanistan - are dwindling, these small and medium-sized operators have opened their doors to domestic companies – like Farm to Finery – and started to provide their products and services to folks like you and me.

This is exactly what you’re getting when you buy from us – domestically-gathered, home-made, high-quality American products.

For more information about our natural products, or to place an order with us, please don’t hesitate to contact Farm to Finery at 505-239-5432.